Titanium coated clear quartz is not only super pretty but also known as the feel better crystal. This is a quartz crystal which contains titanium, which bonded to the surface after undergoing a special process. Resulting in an amazing rainbow of blue, green magenta and gold tones. 


Not sure which one to choose? When picking a crystal you should always go with the one you are most drawn to , the crystal may even choose you ! The right one  will grab your attention somehow. If buying as a gift think about the healing properties that the reciever is in need of.


  • Good for change
  • centers emotions
  • good for meditation
  • stimulates energy
  • prevents illness
  • helps you find your true path through life
  • Each piece is around 2inchs long & varies in shape due to this being a natural stone


Starting from left to right the crystals are numbered from please choose from the drop down menu carefully when selecting which one you would like.


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