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La Luna's Story

La Luna began as a partnership with two friends and a love of bohemian clothing, music and all things moon-related! We struggled to find affordable clothing and homeware in styles we liked, so our mission was to bring a treasure trove of these items to Leigh on Sea, influenced by our travels, music, and places we loved. Initially, we planned to be online-only, but we spotted 1170 London Road, and as we peered through the window we both agreed it was 'perfect' and had to have it. We opened just a few weeks after finding the premises, managing to deck out the interior and buy stock: we opened our doors on 23rd March 2019.

One year in, after a change in personal circumstances, my then-business partner moved on from La Luna and I had the huge decision of whether to take on the business alone. To cut a long story short, I did, just as the lockdown got underway in 2020. It was a risky time, but I knew my journey with La Luna was not ready to end and it felt like a new beginning. I focused my energies through lockdown on finding the best stock, getting to grips with photography, and building a website. It was something I never thought I could do, but my time at home was spent wisely and gave me the fuel and time to tackle this new position. The orders came rolling in and I knew the decision to stay was the right one. 

A few months later I got a message from Nicky enquiring about a t-shirt and we instantly connected. It turned out she was a local designer and maker and I offered to stock her handmade headbands. Nicky had a contact in India, and we soon began putting some ideas together for a small range of our own clothing. With Nicky's design skills and my retail knowledge, it was the perfect partnership. Nicky is now a huge part of La Luna: we design and get clothes made together, with much of our stock being our own collaboration brand. Getting our own brand of clothing made was something I never thought would be possible but is now one of my favourite parts of running the shop.

We have built an awesome tribe of customers who make it all possible and we are doing our dream jobs. There have been some fantastic opportunities such as our clothes being worn on stage and appearing on an ITV show. We are a small shop with big dreams!

Our Mission

Do you want to feel empowered and confident in our clothing? We believe that what you wear can really change how you feel and allow you to 'be the best version of yourself.' We want you to feel uplifted and special by visiting our shop or when you open up one of our parcels. Good vibes always!


A really important aspect when creating and designing new pieces, is that they are both wearable and affordable. We don't believe in 'keep it for best' and ensure many of our designs can be worn ‘multiway’, so you get the absolute most wear. We strive to keep our prices reasonable, whilst still maintaining quality and the uniqueness that you won't find anywhere else locally.

Do you know how to style your new clothing? You'll often find videos pop up on our Instagram, showing you how to wear and layer clothing to get the most out of them. We also love you to see how our clothes fit different body shapes and sizes, and are currently working on improving our curvy range. We aim to one day be ‘size inclusive’ in all our own brand items. Please take a look at our customer inspiration page to see a gallery of our lovely customers wearing La Luna!

Whilst the store originated from a desire to be able to get our favourite kind of clothes and accessories locally, it grew into something much more than that, so that La Luna Boutique could to sell on behalf of local artists and designers and support their businesses too. The shop now sells a combination of items and to make it clear what you are buying, we have developed our website to show clearly on products the origin of the item. You will find these labels on our shops pages and within the product information:

Handmade: Handmade items by local artists and designers.

Pre-Made: Small limited batches bought from wholesalers to provide a wider range of bohemian-style products with a rock & roll edge.

In-House Design: Designed by La Luna & Custom Queenie. We are conscious about where our fabrics and items come from and aim to recycle what we can. Our One-of-a Kind Eco Conscious garments are handmade using beautiful repurposed and reworked saris and traditional new and sustainable fabrics. 

This selection of products helps us strike a balance between offering more sustainable items, more unusual pieces, keeping prices achievable for our customers, and making it financially viable for our small business to continue too. We hope this transparency helps you buy with confidence.

We have been running stall at various Alternative & Eco Markets for some time now and would like to reassure you that we only take stock that is repurposed or recycled materials, products from our local sellers or items that support a sustainable lifestyle to sell at these events. 

Our Team

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